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 Cannabis has long been used in a raw or simple production phase. It is no secret that the distillation process makes cannabis more potent. This means that the plant matter undergoes extraction at the molecular level. With it, it has become possible to come up with a THC or CBD product that is described as 99.9% pure concentrate.

While not everyone is familiar with it, cannabis distillate is the future of cannabis production. It is more likely to spread all over the world and would benefit both the recreational user and the medical patient who relies on cannabis for pain relief, or to help with other medical conditions.  

How To Use Cannabis Distillate

Distillate is the most versatile form of cannabis and its flexibility is the reason why it’s becoming increasingly popular. 

How Are Cannabis Distillates Made?

Cannabis distillates are created with a fractional distillation process. During the first filtration stage, the extractor removes the terpenes from the cannabinoids.

Next, the lipids, impurities, and solvents are removed and voilà, there you have pure, potent, odourless, unadulterated cannabis distillate! 

We Are Here for Your Service

With our specialized innovative extraction methods, we are able to offer a full suite of white label products & services.  Allowing you to bring superior quality distallate oils, terpenes, tictures, vape juice and concentrates to market under your brand. CBD, THC, medical, or other uses, you decide.