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The cannabis market is worth billions, and with the cumulative reception for cannabis in the medical field, it is not a total surprise to see this industry grow two-folds in the next decade. One of the reasons for the increasing popularity and rise in the value of cannabis is the extensive use of full-spectrum CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most popular cannabis-derived product intended for medical use. The product is a derivative of a cannabis plant, along with several of its components. The most prominent, albeit controversial, of these components is THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effect in humans. Full-spectrum CBD is different from CBD isolate since the former consists of several components of the hemp plant, including THC, fatty acids, naturally occurring terpenes, and others.

Proponents of full-spectrum CBD contend that this variety offers a potent treatment that exceeds the capabilities of isolate products. Referred to as the “entourage effect,” full-spectrum CBD is thought to be effective in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and medical conditions, i.e. migraines, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The term “entourage” aptly describes full spectrum CBD since it is a collection of nearly all the components of the hemp plant, including a bevy of cannabinoids. In contrast, CBD isolates contain no other cannabinoid but pure cannabidiol.

Known Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD

Although there is ongoing research as to the viability of CBD in the treatment of different conditions, there is special attention given to full-spectrum CBD oil. The high interest in this product demonstrates its higher efficacy and potential.

  1. Sustainable Solution

    When compared to CBD isolates, full-spectrum CBD appears to have a longer curing effect. For its advocates, it does not come as a complete surprise since full-spectrum CBD is a “more complete” treatment than isolates. Other cannabinoids reinforce CBD in treating an ailment or medical condition. CBD isolates appear to be less effective and sustainable since it is devoid of any other compound.

  2. Readily Available Option

    A full-spectrum CBD oil product contains an average of 113 cannabinoids. Every single one of those cannabinoids is found in the hemp plant. So, it is not like manufacturers of cannabis-derived products must look elsewhere to get those compounds in one solution. The only thing they need is a healthy part of the hemp plant that contains a considerable number of cannabinoids, hemp oil, and fatty acids.

  3. Natural Treatment

    All cannabis products come from a natural source, which is the hemp plant. However, not all of them are pure, with some products containing chemicals and pesticides usually meant for quality control. On the other hand, most full-spectrum CBD products are organic, which means they did not undergo modification. But this observation remains subjective since there are no strict standards followed in the manufacturing of CBD products, including both full-spectrum and isolates.

  4. Minimal Psychoactive Effect

    There is a misconception that full-spectrum CBD can get you high since it contains THC. THC is the compound that recreational cannabis users look for because of its psychoactive effects (the one that gets you high). Contrary to what skeptics believe, full-spectrum CBD does not make you high since it only contains about 0.3% of THC.

  5. Effective Pain Relief

    Overreliance in pain medication has adverse effects since those pills are artificially produced in laboratories. One reason why full-spectrum CBD is quickly becoming popular is because of its acclaimed pain relief benefits. Millions of people attest to the effectiveness of full-spectrum CBD oil in alleviating chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, and muscle stiffness.

  6. Help People Quit Smoking

    The treatment of chronic smoking is one potential benefit of full-spectrum CBD that does not get a lot of attention. A recent study revealed that smokers who were asked to use CBD-based inhalers showed a significant reduction in cigarette usage. Further research is required, but there is much hope that CBD eventually eliminates nicotine addiction.

  7. Treatment of Mental Health and Neurological Issues

    Although controversial for some people, CBD products are increasingly being accepted across jurisdictions due to the promise of treating mental health problems. The use of full-spectrum CBD oil shows promising results in the treatment of opioid addiction, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. There is also ongoing research about the potency of full-spectrum CBD oil in the treatment of neurological illnesses, i.e. Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

    Are There Side Effects?

    Majority of those who have used full-spectrum CBD products reported no visible side effects, although it is inaccurate to say that it does not have any trace of adverse impact. Like all other natural treatments and remedies, the results vary from one individual to another. A small percentage of users of full-spectrum CBD oil reported cases of appetite, weight and mood changes, as well as a constant feeling of tiredness.

    State of Full Spectrum CBD Use in the US

    There is better hope in the private sector than in the government when it comes to further clinical studies on full-spectrum CBD. Federal law is unclear as to the legal status of full-spectrum CBD. It says that CBD is illegal, although several states have legalized its use, whether for recreational or medical purposes. Idaho, Indiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Kansas are the only states that label CBD as illegal. The confusion brought by opposing views from the state and federal perspectives is another reason why some people think twice about using full-spectrum CBD oil.

    The US Food & Drug Administration has not showcased any form of commitment or pledge, thereby strictly limiting the likelihood of acceptance among consumers. The lack of demand prevents full-spectrum CBD from becoming a mainstream treatment for a multitude of human disorders and illnesses.

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