Cannabidiol (CBD) products are increasingly being accepted in several territories. With the arrival of another option in the form of CBD isolate, there’s more argument supporting the viability of cannabis. CBD isolate’s main argument is its prospective healing and therapeutic benefits minus the presence of THC. You know by now that THC is that component of the hemp plant that possesses the psychoactive effect. Some regions refuse to embrace the legality of CBD products because of THC, knowing all too well that it gets people high. THC may still be found in minute traces in CBD isolate, but it never leads to a psychoactive effect.

CBD isolate for people who wish to procure the benefits of hemp-derived products but don’t want anything to do with THC. If you want to know more about the distinctiveness of CBD isolate compared to traditional cannabis-derived products, read on.

How CBD Isolate is Made

CBD isolate comes in a base crystalline powder that contains almost no other components of the hemp plant other than CBD. The finest extractions result in a 99% pure CBD product. Like all other hemp-based products, the manufacturing of CBD isolate goes through the usual process of extraction, whereby all the active compounds of the cannabis plant are removed. The difference with other CBD products begins in the second step, where a refinement process is performed to isolate the CBD and rid of other “phytocannabinoids,” including that of THC. All other compounds and plant matter are removed to come up with the purest form of CBD.

Since the residual matter and other active compounds in the hemp plant are responsible for the odor and taste of a cannabis product, i.e. full-spectrum CBD, the absence of those substances makes CBD isolate odorless and tasteless. Some people call it bland or dull, but there are compelling reasons why you should go all-in with CBD isolate.

Known Benefits

If you fancy hemp-plant derived products like edibles, gummies, oil, and topicals, you might find CBD isolate as unappealing. But the absence of odor and taste is what makes CBD isolate versatile. It comes in a pure powder form that doesn’t contain anything that might throw you off. For one, there’s no THC in it.

  1. “Because I Got High”

    You don’t get to sing this song here. CBD isolate stands out because it has unremarkable traces of THC. You even could get your hands on a premium product that contains zero THC. This makes sense if you’re afraid of getting caught with an illegal substance in a drug test. Not a lot of people realize that full-spectrum CBD products can cause a positive drug test result. More importantly, consuming CBD isolate never gets you high.

  2. Different Ways to Consume

    The only limit on how you consume CBD isolate is your imagination. Being creative and inventive in CBD isolate consumption is made possible because it does not have any odor or flavor. For instance, you add it to your salad, smoothie, or coffee without altering the taste. You can also administer it sublingually or straight up since there is no aftertaste or bitterness.

  3. Convenient Dosage

    Your daily dose of CBD isolate is easy to measure since there are no other compounds or substances to account for. It isn’t like a broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum CBD product where you must consider the different ingredients since consuming them without being wary of the dosage may lead to adverse effects.

Arguments Against CBD Isolate

Not all facts side with CBD isolate. Like every other hemp-derived product, some things don’t work in its favor. There is a bevy of research that reveals how the collection of cannabinoids and terpenes generate a phenomenon called “entourage effect.” It happens when the different components of the hemp plant work together to come up with a positive effect on humans. Unfortunately for CBD isolate, the entourage effect doesn’t happen since it is devoid of other cannabinoids and compounds.

Nevertheless, CBD isolate does come with unique advantages that outweigh the arguments against its weakness.

How to Use It

We earlier mentioned that CBD isolate is versatile enough to be consumed in different ways. Now let’s talk about the specifics.

  1. Sublingual

    Sublingual application of CBD isolate is by far the quickest and most convenient method of consumption. You just put the powder underneath your tongue and let it dissolve for about a minute. The product gets absorbed by the mucus membranes and heads straight to your bloodstream. The impact is immediate since the CBD isolate no longer goes through the digestive tract.

  2. DIY Oil and Topicals

    Bring out the creativity in you by infusing CBD isolate with oil, i.e. olive oil or MTC oil. You create a DIY CBD oil and topical for skincare and treatment. The advantage of making your own CBD oil and topical is that you have complete control of your dosage, plus the application is convenient since you incorporate it to your daily routine.

  3. Food/Capsules/Pills

    Just like oil and topicals, you come up with the ideal or preferred dosage of CBD isolate in capsule or pill form. It won’t act as fast as the sublingual method, but a lot of people prefer this mode of delivery because they feel uncomfortable putting the powder underneath the tongue.
    Aside from capsules and pills, another way to ingest CBD isolate is by infusing it in your food and drinks. Doing so adds more fun to your daily consumption of the product. Infusing CBD isolate doesn’t alter or diminish the quality of your food and drink since it doesn’t have any accompanying odor or flavor.

Choose a Reputable Seller

Don’t expect all CBD isolate products to be legit; some aren’t what they’re supposed to be, which is pure CBD in composition. Make a list of reputable sellers and dig in on each company’s background and reputation. The best CBD products are those that have been tested by an independent laboratory.

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