Who doesn’t enjoy throwing a good party, especially during Summer? While it’s easy to get a couple of good friends together and just smoke a joint, throwing a good party requires some thought. From the music, food, drinks and cannabis, every aspect plays an important role in creating a party that people will talk about for weeks – if not months. 

While the culture of consuming alcohol has been around for thousands of years and all the social expectations around it, cannabis is relatively new. Knowing how to thoughtfully integrate it into a party takes some finesse, especially if you mix your marijuana consuming friends with your non-marijuana consuming friends. It’s important to make everyone feel safe and welcome and as such we compiled a few suggestions to keep your title as a sick host this summer


Make Guests Comfortable

This is probably the most important aspect of any party. Many non-cannabis consumers may be hesitant or uncertain about the proper etiquette that surrounds cannabis. To help people feel more comfortable with cannabis, understand appropriate conduct and set boundaries. Make it clear to all the guests where it is appropriate to light one up and where there is smoking free zone – if any. Having a specific area dedicated to cannabis is a great way to keep everything and everyone organized and takes the question of where what is appropriate. You can layout all of your different consumption tools in one place and show off your collection. 

Lastly, make this area as comfortable as possible and try to include couches. If you create an outside layer, it may be useful to rent some heat lamps as the weather can be unpredictable. Smoking a joint in the cold is nobody’s idea of fun.  


Create A Great Ambiance

Cannabis heightens the senses, making ambiance critical. This includes, but is by no means limited to, music, lighting, and temperature. Music selections is of course incredibly personal, but many hosts make the mistake of choosing music they like while not taking into account the tastes of their guests. You’ll want to create music for different moods as the party ebbs and flows. 

Just like music, lighting is a powerful mood-setting tool that can dictate a lot of the vibe in a space. Using a variety of lamps, and other feature lighting is a must try and a great way to create an awesome atmosphere. Coloured and hue Lighting is also a great option and can be rented or borrowed. Bonus points go to you if you rent or own a disco ball. 


Don’t Forget About Games

Games are always fun at parties and playing them while high just adds a little extra. Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, or Rock Band are just a few.  Consider cueing up Netflix or Youtube videos with visually and/or audibly stimulating selections for your guests. Games are a great way to get everybody together and bond, especially if you’ve brought together very different groups of friends. 


Clearly Label You Cannabis 

Realizing there are different strokes for different folks. While everyone loves to tell the story of how they accidentally on purpose got their friend to eat a marijuana-laced brownie, don’t be known as THAT party. Be respectful of your guests and their limits. 

Clearly labeling your jars, baggies, or containers adds a level of comfort and class to any cannabis corner. It’s important that people know which strain and the dose they’re consuming. If you’re feeling ambitious, write a few facts about each strain including the strain name, THC and CBD percentage, hybrid, sativa or indica, and anything else you may want to include. This can be fun and informative for your guests and will be approached by the cannabis out there. 

You should also have a few options for people to choose the type of experience they would like. Have Joints as well as edibles on hand. As always consider your crowd and what they would like. In general, hybrids and sativas tend to be better for social gatherings. If your guests are avid users you can increase the THC levels, but if they are just social smokers a lower THC level would be appropriate. 


Have A Variety of Food

Having plenty of food is always key to a great party – and we’re not just talking about edibles here. Some guests might have dietary restrictions. You might have some vegans or someone who is allergic to peanuts. Knowing your guests and being mindful of the types of snacks you offer will be greatly appreciated. 

A good rule of thumb for any good party host if you don’t know everyone’s needs is one or two things that are vegetarian, a meat and cheese platter, a fruit tray and multiple different bags of chips are a must. If you’re money conscious, then you can invite everybody over for a potluck! 



‍At the end of the day, you know your friends and your party, so customize it to their needs. It’s always a good idea to start slow and increase the pace gradually. Many people get excited when cannabis is available and have a tendency to over consume either to impress those around them or because they don’t’ know their limits.

 If you have guests trying cannabis for the first time at your party, be a good host and guide them through what they should and shouldn’t be trying. You want everyone to be safe and have a fun time. One uncomfortable night on a futon is better than the alternatives; it’s always a good idea to have a bowl for car key when people arrive that only designated drivers have access too throughout the night. As always consume responsibly, party on and get home safely!

Cannabis has been a long-time ingredient in parties, but until recently it has not received the same amount of attention or appeal as alcohol or food. Thankfully now it’s out in the open which increases people’s level of awareness which in turn helps keep everyone safe. 


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